Promotor BHP 2018/07-08

The holiday number of the Promotor is devoted to broadly understood security in logistics. The honorary editor of the edition was MSc. Marek Trajdos, who is the co-author of the article "Modern packaging zones - elements of ergonomics and safety". The additional supplement to the number is a unique review of footwear for uniformed services.

  • Number subject
    • Modern packaging zones - elements of ergonomics and safety (6)
      As a result of the dynamic development of e-commerce in Poland, the number of sent and thus packaged packages is increasing. These are most often a variety of collective packaging that requires many types of work activities to be able to reliably perform the protective role of the goods being sent.
  • Security - Analysis of the accident
    • A heavy accident when repairing an excavator (10)
      At the plant from the province A worker accident occurred in Warmian-Masurian - a mechanic who repaired a backhoe loader. The victim had many years of experience as a mechanic. He did a lot of work, he often repaired the excavator, but an accident happened. As you can see, experience is not everything and professional skills are not enough to make work safe.
  • Security – Checklist
    • Safety at work on the conveyor belt (14)
      Basic information on this subject can be found in the Act of June 2, 1974. Labor Code; Regulation of the Minister of Economy of October 30, 2002 on minimum requirements regarding health and safety at work in the use of machines at work; Regulation of the Minister of Economy of October 21, 2008 on essential requirements for machines; Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general health and safety at work regulations.
  • Promotional article
    • Data Protection Officer - what he does and why it is worth becoming one? (19)
      The DEKRA expert, Specialist for Occupational Safety and Health at the DEKRA Group in Poland, Arkadiusz Bartyś, answers questions.
  • Security – Work
    • Carriage of hazardous materials in tanks (20)
      Road and rail transport are one of the types of transport by which dangerous goods can be transported. Three ways of transporting dangerous goods have been accepted in both road and rail transport.
    • Safety of the operator's work in the form of a truck (26)
      Transport is one of the basic branches of the national economy. It is at the core of the functioning of enterprises, regardless of their size. The implementation of transport tasks is connected with incurring costs. These costs relate, for example, to the purchase, maintenance and technical testing of transport means, supplying them with energy, training and testing of operators using means of transport, etc. Many of these issues have a direct impact on the operator's own safety as well as colleagues and people outsiders. So they should be considered with the utmost care.
    • Safety when using machines (32)
      Werner von Simemens once said that prevention of accidents can not be understood as a legal requirement, but as an action caused by human responsibility and economic considerations. Elimination of potential hazards and proper operation of machines are reflected in the accident statistics, which allows to avoid costs related to fines, compensation or medical care.
    • Logistics and safety at the workplace (34)
      The very concept of "logistics" is commonly defined as the process of planning, implementing and controlling efficient and economically efficient flow of raw materials, materials and finished products. In fact, until the 20th century, logistics was associated mainly with the army, as an action primarily related to deliveries and combat.
  • Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics in logistics, logistics in ergonomics (36)
      In general, logistics (from the point of view of management and transport) encompasses a whole range of processes related to the flow of materials (including raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products) from the point of their production to the collection point (this is one of the most popular encyclopedic sources - Wikipedia).
  • Aspects of the court expert's work
    • No trench wall protection due to accident at work (40)
      The article contains an analysis of an accident which was a consequence of working in a trench without wall protection.
  • Law
    • Rules for employing minors for light work (46)
      During the holiday season, the number of young people undertaking paid work increases significantly. Entrepreneurs who employ young employees should remember that this type of employment is regulated in a special way.
  • Overview
    • Protective equipment for lower limbs - footwear with protective features (53)
      In addition to personal protective equipment, each employee is also entitled to work clothes and footwear that the employer should provide free of charge.
    • Footwear review for uniformed services (58)
      Review of footwear intended for uniformed services
  • Psychology
    • Psychophysical workload (60)
      Psychophysical hazards cause people to work as a result of unfavorable work conditions in both the physical and mental areas. The psychophysical threats include various types of loads.
  • Events
    • "Safe work in construction" topic of the conference "Promotor of health and safety" (63)
      In the hall of the Higher School of Labor Protection Management in Katowice, a conference on issues related to safe work in the construction industry was held on May 23. During the nearly 5-hour meeting, specialists in various fields shared their knowledge.
    • Safety first and foremost - a summary of IFRE-EXPO and WORK SAFETY-EXPO 2018 (64)
      In Kielce from 7 to 9 June another edition of the International Fair of Equipment and Equipment for Fire and Rescue Services KIELCE IFRE-EXPO and International Fair of Safety and Labor Protection as well as Fire Protection Systems WORK SAFETY-EXPO 2018 took place.
    • Training organized by OSPS Health and Safety in Katowice (65)
      June 8 this year there was a training organized by the Branch Board in Katowice of the National Association of Workers of Health and Safety Service. It took place in the hall of the University of Silesia, at ul. Bankowa 12 and run by the President of the Board, Beata Kaczmarek.
  • Letters to the Editor
    • What rules apply to the control of playgrounds in pre-school institutions? (66)
      Playgrounds are to be used primarily for children's entertainment, but in order to be able to play safely, it is necessary to ensure that these places meet all safety standards.
  • Flash
    • Flash (68)
      Conference "Health and safety at shipyards and ports"

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