Promotor BHP 2018/01-02

Catalog edition of the "Promotor of Health and Safety" magazine. "Presentations 2018" were created for people who are responsible for the selection and purchase of personal protective equipment. The products included in it are assigned to individual departments, which facilitates quick searching for the necessary personal protection equipment. This is the 20th edition of the catalog!

  • First aid
    • First pre-medical help. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (8)
      The article describes the basic issues of first pre-medical aid. It contains a description of the procedure during CPR and placement of the victim in the side position safe. The author also paid attention to issues related to the Guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council
    • First aid in medical emergencies (14)
      The goals of first aid are: protection of life, relief from suffering, prevention of further illness or injury, and support in getting back to health. Each of us is obligated to provide first aid.
    • First aid training and the ability to provide it by drivers (19)
      An important element in saving human life is the ability to provide first aid. The acquisition of this skill is possible only using the knowledge gained from specialized training.
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning - causes, effects, detection (24)
      Carbon monoxide is a toxic substance that in extreme cases can lead to death. The article presents, among others: sources of exposure, symptoms accompanying intoxication and methods of detecting this compound.
    • A person designated for first aid at the workplace (29)
      The employer is responsible for the health and safety of the workplace and the number of related duties. One of them, resulting from art. 2091 § 1 of the Labor Code, is to organize a well-functioning first aid system. The implementation of the indicated obligation is connected with the necessity of appointing and training a person to provide first aid.
    • Coping with stress in life-threatening situations - crisis intervention (33)
      Crisis intervention is an ad-hoc, short-term action aimed at providing immediate assistance to people in a crisis situation. In crisis intervention, empathic and practical answer to the needs of a person in a crisis is essential.
  • Face and head protection
    • Face and head protection (38)
  • Eye protection
    • Eye protection (40)
  • Respiratory protection
    • Respiratory protection (43)
  • Upper limbs protection
    • Protection of upper limbs (49)
  • Lower limbs protection
    • Lower limbs protection (65)
  • Protective and work clothing
    • Protective and work clothing (81)
  • Protection against falling from a height
    • Fall protection from height (94)
  • Safe and other tools
    • Safe and other tools (99)
  • Measurement and detection
    • Measurements and detection (102)
  • Training, certification, services
    • Training, certification, services (104)
  • Ladders, scaffolding and safety platforms
    • Ladders, scaffolding and safety platforms (108)
  • First aid
    • First aid (111)
  • Maintenance of cleanliness
    • Keeping clean (112)