Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2020/05

  • In the light of research results
    • Social costs of road incidents in Poland in 2014-2018 in terms of quality of life (3)
      The article presents the results of empirical research regarding the valuation of social costs of road incidents in Poland in the years 2014-2018. The study was conducted using two methods: human capital and restitution costs, and the WTP method. The research allowed analysis of changes in social costs of road accidents and collisions in Poland in recent years. It has been shown that the dynamics of positive changes in improving road safety are too slow compared to the social costs of road safety in Poland, which have increased dramatically in the last year. The presented research results inspired the author of the article to start research on the quality of life of road accident victims in order to formulate recommendations in the field of road accident management.
  • Quality in practice
    • Analysis of knowledge continuity management in a modern enterprise (12)
      The aim of the study is to analyze the 70-20-10 model of learning and development in employee development planning as one of the ways to increase the level as the quality of products offered in a modern manufacturing company. The study is a form of implementing theory in practice, and the AGMAR manufacturing company was used as a case study. The benefits that have been identified in the company thanks to the introduction of the learning and development model include the increase in the average value of the good-quality product index and the good-quality product index including recycled elements. In addition, the level of human factor participation in the creation of non-compliant products has been significantly reduced.
  • From foreign press
    • New EFQM Model - identification and assessment of changes introduced (20)
  • Varia
    • Laboratory accreditation and testing for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (21)
  • Golden Engineer 2019 (23)

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