Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2019/03

  • Review of current applications of quality cost accounting models
    The purpose of the article is to present the current applications of quality cost calculations in enterprises. The object of research are models of quality cost calculations. Achieving the assumed research goal was possible thanks to conducting a critical analysis of the literature on the subject based on selected books in the field of quality management, management accounting as well as selected journals. The article has been divided into three main parts. The first one presents the most important development trends in the issue of quality costs. The second part presents the benefits of implementing the quality cost account, and the third part contains a summary of the uses of this account. The summary of the article is the conclusion of the analyzes.
  • The 4th edition of the TOP automotive 2018 Conference is behind us!
    The 4th edition of the TOP automotive 2018 Conference is behind us! On November 28-30, 2018, the fourth edition of the TOP automotive Conference took place in Częstochowa. The event has already earned the attention of automotive engineers and is the recognized point of the annual program on the Polish automotive agenda. In 2018, 170 representatives from nearly 60 companies met, and a large part of them visited the Convention several times. The group of people involved in TOP automotive are of course also conference speakers who are representatives of VDA QMC, OEMs, suppliers and partners. And this year the group did not disappoint and the program was full from the first to the last minute. The topics focused on legal and other requirements, in particular on product safety.
  • Shopping chessboard A.T. Kearney is the methodical basis for pro-quality shopping management
    In the business world, the role of the purchasing department is changing. This change results from increasing pressure on the competitive market in globalizing business. The determinants of purchasing management change significantly, creating on the one hand a number of challenges related to the need to include uncertainty in the purchase strategies and the accompanying portfolio of risk types, on the other hand creating opportunities to acquire external suppliers from the global market using modern e-sourcing tools and electronic shopping markets. The development of advanced technologies and the changing business environment forces the purchasing departments of large enterprises to change their purchasing strategies and their appropriate matching, especially for suppliers with high bargaining power, with whom maintaining good relationships is the basis for successful purchases. Over the past dozen or so years, the balance of bargaining power has changed in many industries in favor of sellers, which puts the purchasing department in these companies in a more difficult situation. The aim of the article is to show that the right choice of the purchasing method affects the achievement of greater benefits in the area of cost reduction, quality, partner relations with suppliers. Therefore, the article discusses selected three partner methods of building good relations with suppliers, which are used especially in conditions of high bargaining power, both on the part of the buyer and the seller. The case study showed the consequences of negatively affecting relations with suppliers due to the inadequate application of the confrontational method, which is a reverse auction.
  • Importance of age and gender in the process of assessing the quality of services provided on board of aircraft
    Searching for the sources of the company's success, the managers pay attention to various elements. Regardless of the nature of the company and the industry in which it operates, there is a widespread belief that the key to achieving success is the customer's quality of service. Understanding consumer preferences, taking into account the above criteria, seems to be an important task for enterprises that have in mind the demographic diversity of their clients. Particular importance is given to the criterion of age, as the share of older travelers in air transport is growing rapidly. World Bank data show that over the next five years, airlines will be serving an increasing number of older people.
  • We know the winners of the XXIIth edition of the Competition for the Pomeranian Quality Award
    On March 7, the Gala of the XXII edition of the Competition for the Pomeranian Quality Award took place. The mission of the Competition is to involve the leaders of Pomerania for the continuous improvement of organization, learning, creativity, innovativeness and following the spirit of sustainable development using the "Model of Excellence of the Pomeranian Quality Award.

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