Problemy Jakości 2018/07

  • Varia
    Review of the monograph "Product and system certificates on the B2B market". The monograph is an interesting study of literature and research in the field of broadly understood market communication of industrial entities. It consists of five chapters, of which chapters 1-3 are theoretical, chapter four is a research chapter, while the last, fifth, is the application and cognitive chapter. The analyzed issues related to the role of certificates (obligatory and optional) in the process of enterprise communication are relatively rarely described in both international and national studies, i.e. in monographs and scientific journals. For this reason, the choice of the issue is considered to be ambitious, accurate and, above all, extremely valid. The inquiries and scientific presentations presented in the book were based on thorough reflections of the author, deepened by a skilful, critical analysis of specialized literature, as well as descriptions of interesting case studies. Qualitative research was conducted both in Poland and abroad. In the first chapter, the author has made the systematics of the concept of quality, and also - in an orderly manner - presented the evolution of the approach to quality, from antiquity to contemporary interpretation.
  • The process of continuous improvement of the quality of medical services on the example of Szpitali Pomorskich
    In times of dynamically changing environment and visible growth of competitiveness, it is extremely important to look for forms of improvement in all areas of the organization's functioning. It is inseparably connected with the necessity of adequate introduction of comprehensive organizational changes, and sometimes also restructuring. Organizations around the world, including medical entities, see their success in effective and efficient management. A constant and inseparable element of this management has been the improvement and accompanying various adaptation solutions, focused on the process, product / service, on staff, for the benefit and satisfaction of the customer. Their introduction contributes to the competitive advantage and increases the probability of success. The purpose of this article is to present experiences that fit in with the postulate of improvement, using the example of Pomeranian hospitals.
  • Architecture of health care facilities and the quality of medical services on the example of psychiatric treatment
    The quality of medical services provided is one of the basic criteria of assessment in the functioning of healthcare. Ensuring a high quality service at the right cost is an essential challenge for health care units that want to stay on an increasingly competitive market for health care services. The stringent market requirements mean that more and more health care units are starting to implement management through quality, treating the system as a guarantee of increasing their competitiveness and credibility. Among the many factors affecting the quality of medical services is also the appearance of the facility (infrastructure), where the service is provided. The impact of the architecture of health care facilities on the quality of medical services is a current issue, visible in global trends, as well as being of interest in our country. The aim of this work is to present current views on the architecture of health care facilities and its impact on the quality of medical services, particularly in the field of psychiatric treatment. The literature on the discussed subject was reviewed.
  • Quality sciences - their place and importance in the classification of disciplines and scientific disciplines as well as economic practice
    The inspiration to write this article has been the ongoing discussion regarding a new list of disciplines and disciplines initiated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in connection with the planned reform in this area. The authors found that in the pages of the magazine, such as Problemy Jakości, so well-deserved for dissemination of quality in Poland, it is necessary to present, or rather to remind the voice of researchers dealing with these issues, supporting the issue of quality of due rank in scientific research. This goal should also be an important premise to build a solid organizational framework for all scientists and practitioners involved in promoting a pro-quality approach in Poland.
  • The importance of patient rights in the hospital in the overall assessment of the medical facility
    The health services market is a set of processes that take place between health service providers (healthcare entities) and beneficiaries (patients). Health services themselves are not, however, explicitly recognized as marketable goods, since the demand for them is not usually a consequence of a willingness to satisfy a particular need, but it is a necessity which is best avoided. The specificity of the health services sector is due to the fact that health care is one of the determinants of health, and the needs of health care are derived from the demand for health. Not without significance in this context is also the asymmetry of information between healthcare providers and beneficiaries, which can result in the creation of demand by a health care provider that violates the assumptions of classical economics. This article aims to determine the significance of patients' rights and their compliance in medical entities for the perception of these entities as reliable, recommendable and providing high-quality health services. The article attempts to analyze legal acts regarding patient's rights and specialized literature in the field of health services. In addition, it indicates how the introduction of minor changes in the treatment entity may affect the patient's perception of changes and their loved ones.

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