Problemy Jakości 2018/06

  • Benchmarking tool for improving the quality of the selected product
    Successful launch of a new product depends strictly on its quality and the degree of meeting the requirements of a potential recipient. Diagnosing the needs and preferences of consumers is a key task of the manufacturer in the development and improvement of product quality. The identification of competitors, including multi-aspect analysis of their activities, will enable to identify possible sources of competitive advantage in a given industry and elements of improvement of the product or service offered or designed. It may also turn out that instead of the planned - usually costly - implementation of novelties, the manufacturer can achieve the set goals by modifying the existing product. The use of benchmarking as a process of improvement by comparison with the best is an effective tool for obtaining data on the introduction of possible improvements to the product.
  • Application of repeatability and reproducibility analysis of R & R measurements in the overall Analysis of Measurement Systems (MSA)
    It is impossible to carry out a correct analysis of product quality without an efficient measuring system. It is a key element not only because of the efficiency of quality management, but also because of the normalizing aspects of the measurement. One of the important requirements of the IATF 16949 standard (Requirements for quality management systems for serial production and production of service parts in the automotive industry) is the analysis of the measurement system. In its scope, it is necessary to conduct a statistical survey to perform the analysis of the variability of the obtained results during inspections, measurements and the test equipment system.
  • The activities of the WLO WAT Quality Certification Center
    The article contains several new information on risk assessment related to defense product suppliers in the information exchange platform, which has been operating for over a year. The results of the evaluations, as well as the possibility of their introduction, are available on the website.
  • Technical environments in independent construction
    "The history of associations of Polish engineers and technicians is inextricably linked to the struggle for independence," reads the President of the Republic of Poland addressed to the participants of the solemn meeting of Polish and Polish engineers at the NOT Tech Warsaw House during the inauguration of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining of Independence.