Problemy Jakości 2018/04

  • Trends in research on the ISO 14001 standard
    This analysis of environmental management, and more specifically ISO 14001 - Environmental management systems requirements and application guidelines, are a continuation of research on management standards (studies on ISO 9001 have already been carried out - a similar research procedure and a set of research questions were used in the analyzes presented).
  • Evaluation of the implementation of strategies to improve the quality of mental health in Poland
    Over the past dozen or so years, numerous, including strategic, changes in the health care system have been introduced in Poland. We understand the strategy as an adjustment system of the sphere of management in a selected area of the system, including objectives, tasks, measures and ways to implement them. On the other hand, we understand the health care system as a whole, which consists of a team of interacting entities (participants) who play political, economic and social interests - which may be influenced, among others, by on the quality of life of Polish society - implemented on the basis of legal regulations and financed from various sources. The structure of this system is outlined in legal acts containing strategic programs.
  • Varia
    On February 20, 2018, the 24th Poll for the title of Golden Engineer was summarized in Warsaw's NOT House at the gala. "Golden Engineer" is an award granted to outstanding engineers, creators of technology, inventors and organizers of the country's economic life, which promotes their achievements. The award promotes achievements of Polish engineers and draws attention to their role in building an innovative and competitive economy.
  • ISO 19600: 2014 standard. Compliance management system. Guidelines
    All companies conducting business or public activities must take into account the needs and expectations of all interested parties. To ensure business continuity and existence in the future, they must maintain a balanced and honest business. This means carrying out this activity in accordance with the expectations of the interested parties, including compliance with legal requirements and other regulations to which the organization has committed itself. Most managers of companies or public institutions analyze intuitively the business risk, reputation risk or eg the risk of non-compliance with legal requirements every day before making any decision.
  • The activities of the WLO WAT Quality Certification Center
    In reference to previous declarations, we provide you with some information regarding the extension of the CCJ certification offer. In order to meet the expectations of clients, we have extended the certification activity with an energy management system based on the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 50001: 2012 standard. This standard focuses on the aspect of energy consumption and allows for a systematic pursuit of continuous improvement of the company's energy efficiency, including constant compliance with legal requirements.