Prewencja i Rehabilitacja kwartalnik (Prevention and Rehabilitation) 2017/3-4

  • Stress in working with the client - sources, effects and counteracting methods (1)
    Working with clients is a special challenge for employees. It is characterized by high emotional requirements, exposure to stressful and aggressive behavior on the part of customers and the inability to regenerate individual resources during work.
    • Sources of stress
      • Psychosocial work conditions
      • Emotional work
      • Effects of emotional work
    • The effects of stress
      • Health effects of stress in the workplace
      • Physiological manifestations of stress response and health effects
      • Psychological manifestations of stress response
      • Professional burnout
      • Occurrence of burnout
      • Causes of burnout
      • Symptoms of burnout
      • The effects of burnout
      • Factors protecting against the development of burnout
    • Ways of counteracting stress
      • Stress prevention - organizational level
    • Actions lowering organizational limitations at work
      • Actions reducing the level of requirements and workload
      • Counteracting stressful customer behavior
      • Actions limiting interpersonal conflicts at work
      • Activities enhancing the sense of control at work and social support from supervisors and colleagues
      • Stress prevention - individual level
      • Anti-stress programs
      • A healthy lifestyle
      • Proposed activities at the individual level
  • Habits that affect health - how to change and fix them (19)
    The amount of duties and workload that is currently affecting the majority of adults - and therefore professionally active - Poles is a real challenge, even for a healthy body.
    • Research on the psychological and physical energy of employees
    • How a Polish employee cares about his level of energy, health and well-being
      • Nutrition
      • Dream
      • Emotions
      • Stress
      • Conclusions resulting from the report
      • Habits
  • A comparative analysis of the causes of occupational diseases in 2012-2015 aimed at determining the dynamics of changes in this area together with the specification of recommendations regarding preventive actions (24)
    A comparative analysis of the causes of occupational diseases was prepared at the request of the Department of Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Social Insurance Institution, and its contractor is the IPC Research Institute. The aim of the analysis is to determine the dynamics of changes in the occurrence of occupational diseases and to identify recommendations for preventive actions.

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