Praca Socjalna (Social Work) 2019/02

  • Social work abroad
    • Contemporary challenges of social work in Ohio, USA (5)
      Social workers deal with the problems of individuals, their families, organizations and communities. However, contemporary challenges force changes in theoretical assumptions, the nature of research and the practice of the profession. Social work in the United States is a codified profession with a federally defined set of ethical standards and principles, with a license obtained at the state level, and a profession policy defined at the national and local levels. Thanks to this, social workers can be prepared to think systemically and to work with "a man in his environment" at the individual and collective level. The article shows how the challenges of the 21st century affect the teaching and practice of social work. Both economics and globalization create new challenges expressed in new social problems. New digital technologies contribute to the creation of new educational and clinical opportunities for contact with people, although due to their price technologies excluded a group of low-income people. The article presents contemporary challenges facing social work and their importance in the lives of students and practitioners.
    • 'New media' in social work (27)
      The article discusses the issues of using IT tools in social assistance, both in the area of social work, preparation for the profession of a social worker, and creating social policy. On the basis of literature studies and published research results, the main issues related to the implementation of new media into social work practice have been described - case analysis, and the potential of digitization in the process of modeling social assistance, innovation of intervention activities and raising qualifications has been characterized
  • Training for social work
    • Student experience in developing a democratic society - participation in an international project as a new teaching method in social work (43)
      One of the basic assumptions of the article is to reflect on the issues of the modern system of education of students of social faculties, which will respond to the expectations and needs of students, academic teachers, researchers, practitioners and society - on the one hand - and to the numerous and increasingly ambiguous challenges of modern times - with second. We pay special attention to social work as an activity and profession in which we undertake scientific, research and practical activities. The forms of education on which we focus in the article are international exchanges based on the implementation of joint educational and social projects by students. Their use allows to achieve the most desirable effects today, among which should be highlighted above all an increase in awareness and reflectiveness, striving for critical development of young people and increasing openness to knowledge, experience, innovation and change.
  • Good practices
    • Senior policy in Warmia and Mazury. Assumptions and directions of activities (67)
      Senior policy is a priority challenge for social policy in the face of dynamically changing changes in the demographic processes in Poland. In the article, the authors attempted to present the assumptions, state of implementation and planned directions of senior policy in Warmia and Mazury, as well as evaluated them based on the analysis of the entries of key strategic documents in this area.
  • From history
    • Public assistance to the unemployed until the late 1920s - around the genesis of creating Polish systemic solutions in the socio-legal aspect (91)
      The author presents the results of the study of legal acts and literature on the subject, in relation to helping the unemployed in the 1920s, in the initial period of the functioning of the social policy system for the labor market in Poland. The study was carried out using the "desk research" approach. The analysis of legal acts showed the presence of constructive and comprehensive system solutions for the benefit of the unemployed just after World War I and in the first decade of the interwar period in Poland.
  • Bookshelf
    • Ludwik Malinowski - Different faces of poverty (111)
    • Notes on Authors (121)

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