• Information for Readers
    • Social assistance and social work in the era of dynamic social change (5)
  • Faces and dimensions of social work
    • Participation of the Social Work Study Institute of Sociology at the University of Silesia in the process of professionalization of the profession of a social worker - a historical outline (7)
      The aim of the article is to present the achievements of the Social Work Study of the Institute of Sociology of the University of Silesia achieved over 25 years of activity. In addition to the rich experience in education to the profession of a social worker, the unit is characterized by scientific-research activity and numerous cooperation in the local, national and international dimension.
    • Building symbolic boundaries. Study of cultural determinants of professional activities of social workers (26)
      The aim of the publication is to present the results of sociological research on the cultural practices of social workers. These practices take place on two levels. The first concerns the informal categorization and assessment of social welfare clients, while the second relates to the construction of symbolic boundaries determining the professional identity of social workers.
    • Oncological social work support for the family in the face of illness (41)
      The aim of the article is to look at selected individual and family experience in confrontation with oncological disease, showing a high degree of complexity and complexity of psychosocial functioning determined by the disease.
    • On the necessity of Public Relations activities in social work (58)
      The article identifies the most problematic places in the functioning of social assistance institutions in relation to the image they create. The author draws attention to the necessity of introducing thinking and changes in the scope of activities related to Public Relations, which could help social welfare institutions strengthen their image, better cope with crisis situations. It was shown why such issues as: internal communication, visual identification, responsibility for image or cooperation with local institutions and the local community, can be a way to better functioning, more effective and more satisfying work.
    • The Roma community in Poland as beneficiaries of aid activities (71)
      The topic of the article is the situation of the Roma ethnic group in Poland as beneficiaries of aid activities in the broad sense of the term - both on the part of the social welfare system, as well as education and labor market institutions.
    • Welfare (not) welcomed. A few words about NIMBY for social workers (91)
      The article discusses the issue of social acceptance for conducting institutional activities of social assistance in the functional area of the local community. The article gives examples of protests regarding the location of a social institution.
    • The splendor and shadows of professionalization of social work in Poland after 1990. Voice in discussion (108)
      The article attempts to present the process of professionalization of social work in Poland after 1989. It has been shown in terms of the classical attribution model and the Abbott concept, in which the essence of the professionalization process is primarily the functioning of the profession in a complex system of internal and external dependencies.
  • Reflections from the field of social work practice
    • Innovative enterprises in social work (125)
      Experiences of a social worker in the area of preventing violence in the family on the example of the project "Shelter for years is home, mom, dad" - child-friendly patrol (139)
    • Social project as a tool to strengthen the care and education potential of parents - a case study on the example of the Konopiska Commune (150)
    • Social work in probation (165)
    • Participation of residents in the process of planning revitalization programs - example of the city of Wojkowice (180)
    • Restructuring through fall - social problems in a small post-industrial city. An example of the Wojkowice commune (199)
    • Designing in social work on the example of social projects carried out in the Study of Social Work of the Institute of Sociology at the University of Silesia (225)
  • Notes about the authors (248)
  • Reviewers 2018 (253)

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