• News
    • Priority of paulian creditor or mortgage creditor?
    • Bailiff fee
    • Criminal and civil liability for defamation on the Internet
    • Fee for providing public information
    • Decision issued against the heir of the taxpayer and the scope of his liability
    • The obligation of the s tron to provide an excerpt from the National Court Register at the request of the court
    • Jurisdiction of the President of UOKiK
    • Jurisdiction in divorce cases
    • Liquidation of the insurance company
  • Articles
    • Unity of the act with regard to the offense of non-alimony
    • Draft amendment to the Family and Guardianship Code and other acts - critical remarks
    • Block letter in proceedings for securing a claim and securing evidence
    • An administrative decision issued in the form of an electronic document as the basis for entry in the land and mortgage register
    • Control of the legality of the resolutions of the self-government bailiffs
    • Mitigation of the flat-rate guarantee benefit

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