Monitor Prawniczy (Labor Law Review) 2022/04

  • News
    • Rejection of a complaint in enforcement proceedings
    • Changing the date of collateral collapse
    • Limitation period for the renewed tax obligation for the acquisition of an inheritance
    • Review in the habilitation procedure as a work
    • Commercial transaction
    • Labeling of foodstuffs
    • Disciplinary proceedings against a lawyer
  • Articles
    • On imbalance in the insolvency law system: restructuring demotivators
    • Counteracting the unfair use of contractual advantage in trade in agricultural and food products.
    • Delegating a supervisory board member of a joint-stock company to temporarily perform the duties of a management board member - selected issues
    • Place of habitual residence (of the deceased) as a conflict of laws link in inheritance matters
    • "Obvious" failure to meet the conditions for protection as a reason for refusing to register an industrial design
    • Securing evidence - the first conclusions from the jurisprudence

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