Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2020/20

  • News
    • Request to cancel the contract
    • Remuneration for the establishment of the transmission easement
    • The deadline for submitting a complaint against the decision to initiate compulsory restructuring of the bank for all entitled persons
    • Expiry of the decision on the permit to resume construction works
    • Fixed fee for water services
    • Right to compensation in national currency
    • Maximum amount of loan costs beyond interest
    • Equal treatment on the Internet
  • Articles
    • Abusive clauses in Swiss franc loan agreements - analysis of the judicature of the Supreme Court
    • Effects of depositing the amount obtained in the course of securing the amount of money in a deposit account (Article 808 of the Code of Civil Procedure)
    • Representative's legal action party
    • The subjective and objective scope of the standard from Art. 1028 of the Civil Code
    • Criteria for a price reduction due to a defect in the sold item

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