Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2019/17

  • News
    • Inability to communicate with the environment due to illness and establishing a probation officer in civil proceedings
    • Prohibition on the sale of real estate established by the verification commission and the transfer of the right to real estate as a result of the merger by acquisition of commercial law companies
    • Verification of the correctness of the determination of the level of pre-factor by the interpretative body
    • The obligation to issue an individual interpretation regarding the determination of the tax base
    • Hate speech in television programs
    • Right to reimbursement of air tickets
    • Exclusive Jurisdiction
  • Articles
    • Constitutional order to examine the case without undue delay and formal deficiencies in procedural documents submitted in the course of civil proceedings
    • Preventing abuse of procedural law in the amended Code of Civil Procedure. Part III - detailed manifestations of abuse of procedural law
    • The problem of Poland's enforceability of ECtHR judgments on the example of the prolonged use of detention on remand
    • Dividend advance in a limited liability company - part III. Management's decision to make an advance payment. Structural weaknesses of the current advance mechanism and de lege ferenda postulates
    • The good of the child as a general clause - determining the meaning of the concept of the good of the child in the 21st century
    • Is an extraordinary complaint a legal remedy (remedy iuris) within the meaning of art. 424 § 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure
    • Failure to provide the requested payment guarantee as a basis for withdrawal from the contract

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