Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2019/16

  • News
    • Inadmissibility of an application to exclude a judge not appointed to hear the case
    • Taxation of interest on the amount of damages or compensation
    • Decree bypassing usciturus
    • Determining the value of joint property without taking into account the mortgage securing the loan
    • A legal advisor may not apply 50% of the costs to legal opinions drawn up
    • European arrest warrant
    • Compensation to passengers
    • Air quality assessment
  • Articles
    • Dividend advance in a limited liability company - part II. Sources of advance payments and mandatory reduction of the amount to be paid
    • Prevention of abuse of procedural law in the amended Code of Civil Procedure. Part II - The claim is clearly unfounded
    • On the need for a new legal regulation of the legal status of a partner's spouse
    • Prohibition of applying for public procurement for the duration of the proceedings in the light of the system of preventive measures
    • Remuneration for additional works in the works contract

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