Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2019/13

  • News
    • The concept of "contracts with the participation of the consumer"
    • Special jurisdiction in matters related to the contract
    • A higher pension nominally is a better pension
    • Decision to close the trading facility
    • Grounds for complaint against the cassation appeal of the court of appeal
    • A cassation appeal of the court of appeal in criminal proceedings
    • The use of evidence from operational control
  • Articles
    • Responsibility for failing to ensure the safety of the worker's child staying in the workplace
    • Execution of maintenance payments in European Union countries. Mutual cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland
    • Institutional lease with access to property (part II)
    • About the so-called balance offenses (selected issues)
    • A dispute regarding the payment of a dividend as a contribution to deliberations on the

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