Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2018/17

  • News
    • The limitation period for a claim for the payment of part of the redemption benefit of investment policy retained by the insurer
    • An appeal against the assessor's decision regarding court costs
    • The deadline for lodging a claim against the airport in connection with restricting the use of the property
    • Responsibility of the Treasury for errors of the court
    • It is forbidden to accumulate contractual penalties
    • Order penalty for unjustified refusal to show the object of inspection
    • Housing tax benefits not only in connection with the repayment of a mortgage
    • Conditions for the execution of the European arrest warrant
    • Collection of personal data by members of a religious community
    • A residence card of a family member of a Union citizen
  • Articles
    • RODO and liability for damages. Basic problems of liability for damage caused by incorrect processing of personal data
    • Entities entitled to split quoad usum
    • The relationship between the provisions of art. 37 and 41 NCP
    • For the right to a clean environment and the right to clean air as personal goods
    • Establishing the guilt as the premise of including compensation for violation of personal rights

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