Monitor Prawniczy 2018/16

  • News
    • Formal requirements of a cassation complaint
    • The scope of binding by a final judgment regarding the periodic benefit
    • Payment for work performed and disputes of consortium members
    • Recording of bank customers' conversations without their consent
    • Sharing decisions issued on the basis of anti-corruption laws
    • Personal outsourcing service
    • European Certificate of Succession
    • Ritual slaughter
    • Private information
  • Articles
    • Granting of commercial representation by natural persons conducting business activity - remarks on the background of the Civil Code amendment from 6.3.2018 - part II
    • Process succession in the division of a capital company by spin-off
    • Limits of psychiatric medical confidentiality in the cryminal-material aspect
    • Establishment of several attorneys by the party and delivery in administrative proceedings
    • Obligation to appoint an inspector of personal data protection

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