Monitor Prawniczy 2018/15

  • NEWS
    • Decree by the court of appeal for the first time a joint penalty
    • A bidder's bid request for payment of a part of the price, if the receivable counted on its account is not covered by the purchase price
    • Satisfying the claim for a retention by the heirs of the testator
    • Update of the annual fee
    • The lump sum for using the company vehicle for private purposes also includes fuel
    • Withdrawal of the authorization to run a pharmacy, due to the sale of medicines from the pharmaceutical wholesaler
    • Protection of geographical indications of spirit drinks
    • Trademarks
    • Responsibility for the processing of personal data
    • Granting of commercial representation by natural persons conducting business activity - remarks on the background of the Civil Code amendment from 6.3.2018 (part 1)
    • Supervision of the official body over the auction carried out in the course of real estate enforcement
    • The scope of priority to satisfy the costs of enforcement due to the bailiff in the plan for the division of the sum obtained from the execution
    • Limitation of claims for damages resulting from an offense punishable by criminal law in the event of a perpetrator's insanity
    • Failure by the injured person to exercise due diligence and contribute to the damage
    • Reparation for harm to the nearest of the victim
    • Institution of prepared liquidation (selected issues)

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