Monitor Prawniczy 2018/13

  • News
    • Ease of transmission and acquisition of transmission equipment by a state-owned enterprise
    • Consequences of failure to comply with the complaint period by a financial institution
    • The owner of the property is obliged to inform about the new annual fee of all share holders
    • Bank enforcement title
    • Compensation for repairing the car from the insurer of the perpetrator of the damage
    • Expenses for legal services can not be included in the costs of enforcement
    • Mutual assistance in the recovery of claims
    • The concept of "combined flight"
    • Complementary protection
  • Articles
    • Activities that urgently take place during the dispute over the property between public administration bodies
    • Culpable behavior of an unidentified third party as an exoneration
      Act of 6.3.2018 - Entrepreneurs' right - analysis and evaluation of the most important regulations
    • Execution of obligations specified in art. 28 KIC with particular emphasis on fines imposed on spouses in criminal and civil proceedings (part 2)
    • Admissibility of a partner of a commercial company to evade the effects of the declaration of intent made to this company

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