Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2019/02

  • News
    • Effects of the decision on incapacity to work
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • The burden of proof in an action for compensation for unlawful termination of a contract of employment without notice by the employee
  • Articles
    • Redemption of social security contributions
    • Salary for an annual holiday leave
    • Participation in a capital company as a subject of employee non-competition
    • Consequences of crossing the limits of the authorized criticism of the employer in terms of substantive criminal law
    • The concept of balance of working time denominations in the context of posting employees to another country to provide services. Practical aspects
    • A claim for establishing a civil service relationship
    • Public interest in the separation of the employee assessment function and the penalty in the workplace
    • Unjust enrichment of the employee at the expense of the employer

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