Monitor Prawa Pracy 2018/08

  • News
    • The employer is obliged, unless he can not
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • The scope of the non-competition
    • Lumps for drivers on business trips in international transport
    • Provision of work for the employer during the employee's sick leave
  • Articles
    • Checking job candidates for the content of their profiles on social networks - analysis in the light of the GDP and the Labor Code
    • Termination of a contract of employment with an EU employee in the light of judicature of judicial authorities
    • Keeping track of drivers' working time
    • Employer's liability for violating the employee's dignity
    • Contrary to the rules of social coexistence, restoring an employee to work
    • The right to acquire shares free of charge by a former employee
    • Working time of employees employed in medical entities
    • The amount of the delegation due to the employee
    • Contract for work for accounting services
    • Bridge retirement

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