Monitor Prawa Pracy 2018/07

  • News
    • The amount of remuneration for the period of contractual release from the obligation to perform work
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • Compensation for an employee made redundant for economic reasons, which the employer did not employ again
  • Articles
    • Protection of employee's personal data in the perspective of the RODO and regulations on video monitoring used by the employer
    • Subject to social insurance for farmers in the case of simultaneous agricultural and non-agricultural business activity
    • One-off compensation in the event of an accident at work
    • A European pillar of social rights for young people in the labor market in Europe
    • Interest on damages awarded for unjustified termination of a contract of employment
    • Termination of an employment contract with an academic teacher
    • The right to a pension
    • Running a business and the right to a maternity benefit
    • Contract of employment on specified time
    • Informing the employer about taking additional professional activity

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