Monitor Prawa Pracy 2018/01

  •  News
    • Amendments to the Act on Foreigners. New residence permits
    • Under the phone
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • Changing the concepts of the employer's management and subordinating the employee to individual groups of employees or due to the type of work performed
    • The date of becoming aware of the infringement is of importance
  • Articles
    • Parenting rights for self-employed persons
      The aim of this study is to present the situation of self-employed persons in the context of rights related to childbirth. The author aims to analyze legal solutions provided for entrepreneurs - pregnant women and parents who want to combine professional and family life. There was also a specific comparison of the position of the entrepreneur and employee in the discussed area, as well as the consequences of individual regulations.
    • Slovenian individual employment relations at the acrossroads MOPR XXX, No. XXX
    • Indirect discrimination on grounds of sex
    • Protective function of collective labor law
      The aim of this study is to show that the protective function is universal, wchich means that it does not only apply to employees, but also to other people providing paid employment and people who are otherwise connected with the workplace. The protective function of collective labor law manifests itself in the protection of professional rights and interests, social workers, in the protection of health and life of employees carried out mainly by trade unions.
    • Termination of the employment contract to the member of the management board of the company with limited liability
      Termination of the employment contract to a member of the company's management board with limited liability it is often the cause of many controversies, wchich were often settled by judicial decisions. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the principles of terminating employment contracts with dismissed members of the management board and the claims they are entitled to.
    • Consulation of termination of the employment contract with a trade union organization
    • Provision of paid employment during the sickness benefit period
    • Agreement between the parties on terminating the employment contract
    • Incorrectly collected sickness b enefit
    • Ready for work
    • Weekly rest