Menedżer Produkcji (Production Manager) 2021/65 (10)

  • From the practice of a production manager
    • Conscious energy management in the production hall
      More and more restrictive legal regulations and the growing awareness of the need for better energy management encourage companies to take steps to increase energy efficiency. All activities of this type not only have a positive impact on the natural environment, but also translate into lower operating costs, and thus - also the profitability and competitiveness of the company.
    • The sense of standardizing processes in an organization
      It is probably obvious that production processes should function efficiently and without disruptions. Standardization is an effective tool to make this happen. As shown by the experience of many companies, standardization is a seemingly clear and understandable term, but its implementation itself requires patience and persistence.
    • Industry 4.0: no success without employees AIOT
      The concept of Industry 4.0 is 10 years old. In 2011, at the Hanover trade fair, Bosch presented a pioneering vision of the factory, the assumption that it is not people who have to adapt to machines, but machines to people. This is how Industry 4.0 was born. In the new factory, technology is to support employees in their tasks, taking over the most monotonous, repetitive activities.
    • Acceleration or optimization? That is the question!
      Let the question posed in the title be a starting point for considering the problem faced by every maintenance manager or anyone else responsible for the technical side of the production process. In any - small or large - plant.
    • Comprehensive implementation of the LOTO system
      The article describes the LOTO system (lockout/tagout) as an effective solution to the safety problem of machines undergoing maintenance or repair. The solutions used to protect against uncontrolled activation of devices or systems, as well as the methods of marking warning against a potential threat, were presented. Additionally, the methodology of the comprehensive implementation of the system in the production plant was presented as the most effective method of eliminating the risk for the maintenance staff and employees.
  • The art of motivating
    • The role of supervisors in the onboarding process
      I am currently looking at introducing changes to the onboarding process in a large industrial plant. I keep my fingers crossed for this project, because each of the people I talk to, whether it is the management team or personnel departments, points to how the reality of hiring has changed in recent years. The lack of candidates or more precisely appropriate - with specific skills - future employees means that companies are looking for an idea to be as effective as possible in the broadly understood employment process. In order to attract the right people to the organization, and in addition, that these employees would like to stay in it as long as possible. One of the ideas to facilitate this is the onboarding process.
  • Conflicts in the hall
    • Equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres from the user's perspective
      The use of flammable substances in production processes requires the employer to decide whether it does not result in the creation of an explosive atmosphere.
    • 7 classic and 2 modern wastes in production companies
      Losses or wastes can be found in every company, regardless of the type of activity. They are especially visible in manufacturing companies. Also there, eliminating them has the greatest impact on the achievement of goals and financial results of the company. In this article, I will present seven basic wastes described in the 20th century. In addition, I will suggest what techniques or methods to use to minimize losses. In addition, I will mention two more modern wastes consisting in not using the potential of employed employees and the collected data.
  • The eye of an expert
    • Mediation as a method of solving conflicts in the workplace
      Conflict, dispute are words that do not have a pleasant association. they bring to mind a violent confrontation, the desire to "get on your own". Are there ways to resolve the conflict "peacefully"? Can both parties win out of the conflict? Can well-functioning communication prevent conflicts in the organization?
  • Me, the Boss
    • Production manager competencies. How to prepare for an international meeting
      As sales manager of several renowned manufacturers in the steel processing and welding industry, for the last 15 years I have dealt with production directors, maintenance managers and heads of the logistics department on a daily basis . In each of the 20+ countries I have worked in and on both sides of the barricade. Both with those who bought from me and with those who worked hand in hand with me . There was one thing they had in common for sure. It is the need for communication and the willingness to use the best technological solutions from around the world. To do this, however, they had to acquire linguistic competences earlier, which enabled them to move efficiently in an international environment. Therefore, if you too face similar challenges and feel that it is worth doing something more in this regard, this article will become a source of inspiration and valuable knowledge for you.
    • Building the image of the company by the production manager
      is in how the organization is perceived on the outside, is extremely important. In Depending on what the image is, it will be easier or more difficult to function in society - to sell products, open new factories, employ workers. In large organizations, a whole crowd of people, including the management board, marketing, PR and HR departments, is responsible for the company's image . Is there a place for the production department and its manager in building the image of the organization?
  • The subject of the issue
    • Indrustry 4.0. What to invest in first?
      The fourth industrial revolution affects a huge number of thematic areas in every production, logistics or mining, industry and processing company. In fact, it changes enterprises as a whole, modifying their goals in a way, pushing the boundaries of possibilities, and sometimes thoroughly rebuilding the way they operate.

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