Menedżer Produkcji (Production Manager) 2021/63 (06)

  • How to be a leader who supports and allows you to make decisions?
    The leader can make all decisions in his team. In doing so, however, he misses the opportunity both to develop personal leadership skills and to better implement actions related to such decisions. In order for the team to identify with the set goals, the leader should let other people speak. Changing traditional roles requires courage, but in the long run this strategy brings much better results, and the success of the entire team becomes the success of its leader.
  • How to ensure the safety of employees in food production?
    There is a theory that food production, accounting for as much as 10% of global GDP, should be treated in the same way as part of the most important domestic industries and placed on an equal footing, among others, with the supply of energy, water, health care or financial supervision. Disruptions, and hence shortages on store shelves, pose a real threat with serious consequences for citizens. So how to increase the level of safety in food production plants and minimize the risk of downtime? Vision technologies can help.
  • How to improve the productivity of manual workers in production
    I want to share with you ideas for improving productivity that I got to know in my collaboration with manufacturing companies. I am writing about this practical nature, because you may find some solutions more familiar from management literature than from everyday work.
  • A new dimension of security: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the functioning of the Philip Morris Polska factory in Krakow
    The beginning of 2020 was a surprise for everyone - the world began to change overnight, and the concept of security took on a new dimension. The management of the Philip Morris factory in Krakow realized that we are at the doorstep of the crisis and that we must act quickly in order, above all, to ensure the safety of people, but also business continuity. We analyzed the risks, checked the Business Continuity plan for the supply of energy, materials or other critical processes, but most of all we focused on the safety of people.
  • Safe work in production in times of a pandemic and not only
    The employer is obliged to protect the health and life of employees by ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions, and in particular to organize work in a manner ensuring such conditions.
  • Aging socjety
    The ever aging society together with the changing reality of the labor market (led by technological change) means that employers now have to focus more than before on making better use of the potential of older workers. In the case of Poland, it is still a significant reserve that can increase social and economic welfare . Employers should carry out constant changes in business models, which will result in better integration of people aged 50+ into the labor market , greater investment in professional activation, more effective use of flexible forms of employment and, above all, encouraging continuous learning.
  • Employer Branding during the pandemic - what to pay attention to when planning activities
    The COVID-19 pandemic came to Poland in March 2020 and turned the world upside down. Only a few bold risk analyzes predicted a similar scenario. However, it was certainly not expected by entrepreneurs. The past year was a great challenge for most industries. For some it brought the company out of business, unemployment. Others - downtime, uncertainty, fear and doubt. Two years of trial of human characters: 2020 and 2021, which test mental endurance, flexibility and adaptation on many fronts.
  • Building loyalty among production employees
    Man is one of the basic and most important resources of any organization, at the same time it is its most unpredictable element, which does not always behave in a rational manner. That is why it is extremely important to attach him to the organization in a long-term manner and ensure his loyalty at every stage of cooperation.
  • Taiichi Ohno circle. Why does looking not always mean seeing?
    One of the most popular anecdotes and working methods related to Taiichi Ohno - the creator of the Toyota Production System (TPS) - is the so-called Ohno's circle. This is one of those techniques that are brilliant in their simplicity. It should also be understood literally - the Ohno circle is actually a circle drawn on the floor with a chalk or marker, located in the vicinity of the process we are interested in at the moment (product, socket, production line, etc.).
  • Production budgeting
    In addition to many important factors necessary for a proper, constantly developing enterprise, it is extremely important to build a budget, which in one case may be a factor driving the development of the organization, and in another it may even cause bankruptcy.
  • Satisfaction survey is an important element of the dialogue with employees
    Employees are a key stakeholder for the VELUX Group. Caring for their health, safety, development and well-being is a priority for the company. Periodic production employee satisfaction surveys are an important element of the company's dialogue with its employees. It helps not only to examine the mood in the organization, but also influences its development and success.
  • Socially responsible - no matter what the conditions. Raben Group case study
    Pandemia introduced all of us to a new reality, not always easy, but definitely different. We had to face new challenges that surprised us. Prolonged remote work, uncertainty on the labor market and difficult contacts with clients and employees are just some of the many difficult situations that we had to cope with. In this changed reality, they helped us find the values that we want to follow every day: challenges, entrepreneurship and partnership. Thanks to them, despite the distance, we managed to still be close ...

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