Lekarz Medycyny pracy (Doctor of Occupational Medicine) 2021/06

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    • What will help diagnose occupational burnout (1)
      Burnout is only relevant to the work environment. Although they have been described for half a century, nowadays, apart from depression, it is becoming a disease of civilization. Where does the motivation to work come from among employees? How can you help an employee who has symptoms of burnout, exhaustion and work boredom?
    • Suspicion of an occupational disease - is it really pneumoconiosis (4)
      The diagnostic and certification process related to the suspicion of an occupational disease has been included in detailed legal rules and standards. It requires specialist competences and therefore it is conducted by specialist doctors in authorized certifying units. However, each physician should be able to suspect an occupational disease and, in such a situation, refer the patient to the jurisprudence path. Find out about the diagnosis of beryllium as an occupational disease.
  • Legal comments
    • Can an occupational medicine doctor examine an employee during a pandemic without an agreement with his employer? (9)
      During an epidemic, preliminary and follow-up examinations are carried out, and only periodic preventive medical examinations have been suspended. If an occupational medicine doctor is not available, such examination may be performed by another doctor. Could it be a doctor who is not employed in a medical facility with which the employer has a signed contract? Could it be a doctor who runs a private practice?
    • What kind of consultations may be conducted by an occupational medicine physician in order not to exceed his professional skills (11)
      A doctor who conducts a preventive examination may extend its scope to additional specialist consultation tests, depending on the indications, in particular: otolaryngological, neurological, ophthalmological, dermatological, allergological or psychological and additional research. These rules apply from December 16, 2020. The shape of the new regulations may raise doubts as to the competence of doctors who conduct preventive examinations.
    • The patient's own signatures in the medical records at the occupational medicine clinic - are they necessary (13)
      The recommendation issued by the Institute of Occupational Medicine allowed patients to withdraw from the fact that in the time of the pandemic patients have to sign their own signature in the register of decisions on receipt of the decision. By referring to this recommendation and its goal - reducing the risk of virus transmission - is it possible to refrain from receiving the patient's signature under the test description?
  • Forms
    • What must be included in a psychological judgment for a road transport inspector (14)
      Performing the function of a road transport inspector requires meeting certain conditions relating to the state of health. What should the psychologist pay attention to when issuing a judgment for a road transport inspector?
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