• First meeting of the Labor Protection Council for the 11th term (3)
    The newly appointed Labor Protection Council adopted a position on the program of the National Labor Inspectorate for 2020.
  • Handing appointment documents to new ROP members (4)
  • News not only from country (6)
  • When the control reveals a crime. Participation of a labor inspector in criminal proceedings (8)
    The labor inspector reports a crime, can execute the victim's rights, draw up a subsidiary indictment and even become an auxiliary prosecutor. Provided that the inspector found out about the commission of an offense prosecuted in connection with his official activities.
  • Foreigner's seasonal work (part 2) (12)
    This part of the publication presents the conditions excluding the obligation to issue a new seasonal work permit, the circumstances whose occurrence causes its revocation, the validity of the permit and the possibility of its extension. The amended provisions also provide for specific obligations in the case of accommodation of a foreigner, as well as regarding the contract itself.
  • Return of experts (16)
    On January 8-10, 2020, the Chief Labor Inspectorate in Warsaw held examinations admitting candidates to the title of professional appraiser for occupational health and safety and ergonomics, awarded by the Chief Labor Inspector.
  • Awards for the winners of the 'Build Safely' competition (17)
  • BUDMA 2020 - photojournalism (18)
  • Threats to sandblasting Mechanical cleaning of engineering structures - safe work requirements (20)
    Cleaning the structure by abrasive blasting using devices with open or closed circulation of the abrasive in the stream of compressed air, water or a mixture thereof is particularly hazardous.
  • Is it worth it? Occupational Health and Safety Management System (23)
    During inspector's work we can meet more and more companies that have implemented an occupational health and safety management system. A wisely introduced work safety management system means benefits for the employee, but above all for the employer.
  • Vow of labor inspectors (27)
  • Eye-catching method. It is not enough that it glows to be effective ... (28)
    Do you have to follow the machine's instruction manual? An affirmative answer to this question seems obvious. However, the results of inspector's inspections show that they are not for everyone. But sometimes it happens that disregarding the device manufacturer's instructions leads to human tragedy.
  • Be always close to people and their problems - an interview with Konrad Pacharek, head of the OIP in Szczecin (30)
  • Library (33)
  • National Labor Inspectorate on ether waves (34)

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