Inspektor Pracy (Labor Inspector) 2018/10

  • In the Parliament
    • ROP on abuse of mandate contracts (3)
  • News not only from the country (4)
    • Harvest Festival in Spała
    • Visit of the Danish delegation
    • Representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
    • Effective communication
    • Safe farms rewarded
    • Icebreakers competition
    • Polish inspectors in France
    • SLIC working groups
  • Work on maternity leave (7)
    The use of maternity leave - or more broadly maternity and parental leave - is not synonymous with the abandonment of professional activity by a woman at that time. At the same time, what is extremely important, her professional activity will not result in the loss of the right to maternity benefit.
  • Work safety standards (13)
    Many labor inspectors claim that they can not regulate various irregularities in a controlled entity due to the lack of detailed provisions. Some people nostalgicly mention the times when everything was regulated in detail in the regulations, and for each industry and situation an appropriate recipe could be found.
  • National Labor Inspectorate at DREMA 2018 (17)
  • Essential requirements. Discrepancies between theory and practice (20)
    A complaint was filed with the district labor inspectorate in Białystok, in which the employee informed that she had an accident at the work station while operating the machine for sealing foil bags, and the employer intends to hide the accident.
  • Material kickback when operating woodworking machines (23)
    Wood machine tools are one of the most dangerous machines, and the injuries that they cause often eliminate workers from performing their previous jobs. The event that generates many accidents is the recoil of the workpiece, which can be tragic for operators.
  • I like challenges - an interview with a senior labor inspector - specialist Beata Gołębiewska from the District Labor Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz (28)
  • No safety costs (31)
  • Unification of proceedings (32)
  • Working conditions must be safe (33)
  • From the funeral card (35)
  • Tragedy during jack repair (36)
    Lack of required employee rights to perform maintenance and repair of the equipment and failure to follow the instructions led to an accident which resulted in the loss of a 54-year-old electromechanic of motor vehicles.

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