BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2021/237 (05)

  • Subject of the issue: Accidents at work of a teleworker and a remote employee - the conduct of an employer, an accident team and a labor inspector
    An accident at work is first associated with sudden events faced by workers employed in blue-collar positions working in the workplace and in other places indicated by work experience. However, accidents at work may occur in the most context of working remotely. Under no circumstances can it be assumed that this is solely a private matter of the employee. Notification of an accident obliges the employer to appoint a post-accident team, if the event has the characteristics of a serious or fatal accident - additional proceedings conducted by a labor inspector will be necessary.
  • Attention to changes in risk categories and interest rates of accident insurance premiums for business groups
    From 1 April 2021, new risk categories and interest rates for accident insurance contributions for individual business groups will apply. On this day, the regulation amending the regulations on the differentiation of the interest rate of social insurance contributions for accidents at work and occupational diseases, depending on occupational hazards and their effects, comes into force.
  • Juvenile workers during the epidemic - the ministry's answers to entrepreneurs' questions
    How to classify the status of juvenile workers undergoing vocational training, released from the obligation to work under the provisions of the anti-crisis shield? How to grant leave to young employees? This is one of the many doubts related to the status of juvenile workers reported by entrepreneurs during the epidemic. Find out about the position of the ministry.
  • Address for electronic delivery - from when it is mandatory for employers
    As early as in 2021, both entrepreneurs (from October) and public employers (from July) must have an address for electronic delivery. The obligation in this regard is introduced by the provisions on electronic delivery , adopted in November 2020 . Who is required to have an address for electronic delivery?
  • Mandatory one address for service
    Each entity, both public and non-public, will be able to submit to the database of electronic addresses in principle one address for electronic service. Thanks to this, public institutions will gain access to certain information about the recipient's address.  
  • The expert's opinion when determining safe working methods - whether it is allowed
    During the inspection proceedings of the National Labor Inspectorate, violation of the provisions and principles of occupational health and safety should be established in an unambiguous manner, based on properly collected and assessed evidence. For this purpose, is the labor inspector entitled to use the help of experts and specialists as well as accredited laboratories? This issue was resolved by the Supreme Administrative Court. Check what conclusions he came to.
  • How to properly develop an occupational risk assessment in the position of a formwork carpenter on a construction site
    Occupational risk assessment is the most difficult topic for people involved in occupational health and safety in the company. The problem is both the identification of threats and the determination of actions to eliminate or reduce the occupational risk. In this article, we present a comprehensive occupational risk assessment in the position of a shuttering carpenter on a construction site. There you will find all the necessary information that will allow you to effectively assess the occupational risk for this position, taking into account the risk of coronavirus . The document was developed on the basis of the RISC SCORE method.
  • Storage of Chemical Hazardous
    Materials Many businesses, small and large, regardless of their business profile, are involved in the storage of chemical hazardous materials. We can store them outside and inside buildings. It is important to be aware that both during storage, but also during transport, they may have a negative impact on the environment, creating, among others, threat to human health or life. The conditions for safe storage of chemical materials depend on their properties, quantity, storage conditions, or the possibility of storing together with other hazardous materials and the security measures applied. Learn the rules for the safe storage of chemical hazardous materials.

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