BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2020/230

  • Subject of the issue: Organization of safe work during an epidemic - work performed in one place and time by employees of different employers
    The period of the epidemic is a serious test for every employer in the context of ensuring safe working conditions. The issue of the safety of employed persons is of particular importance - including the level of complexity in a situation where employees employed by different employers perform work in one place. Unfortunately, the period of the epidemic has not yet been regulated in detail in such a complex organizational situation - thus it is necessary to rely on the previously applicable regulations, taking into account the specific period and the new biological threat, which is the coronavirus.
  • Remote work instead of telework? We are awaiting changes in the code regulations
    The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy is planning changes to the applicable regulations and teleworking may soon disappear from the Labor Code - remote work will appear in its place. According to the assumptions of the amendment prepared by the ministry, remote work is to be used on the basis of solutions specified in the agreement concluded by the employer with the employees. Such an agreement could include an agreement on the principles of compensation for outside labor costs.
  • Remote work and OHS - an expert on the employer's responsibility for the conditions of remote work
    Will the employer be responsible for the health and safety of remote employees? MRPiPS has developed a draft version of the draft amendments to the Labor Code, which includes new regulations regarding remote work. The proposed changes concern, among others the elimination of telework and its replacement with remote work, enabling remote work only with the consent of the employee or excluding the employer's liability for the safety of remote employees. How does the expert of the Safe at Work Coalition - Ewa Gawrysiak assess the planned changes?
  • What information may be requested by the National Labor Inspectorate and the Social Insurance Institution - explanations from the Personal Data Protection Office
    When and to what extent can the labor inspectorate and the Social Insurance Institution have access to employee documentation and what else they can request from the employer (in the context of data protection). Get to know the explanations of the Personal Data Protection Office.
  • Chronic periarticular shoulder inflammation in a wiring harness fitter - when to be considered an occupational disease
    The employee was employed as an electric harness fitter. Its main tasks included mounting electric harnesses at the board or on a table, taking electric wires and other parts from the warehouse, and then building components, mainly cubes - casings, fastening and putting on locks. In her work, she repeatedly repeated unchanging movements, creating the risk of overloading the upper limbs in the wrist area. She was also exposed to overload of the locomotor system - lifting hands (overloading the right and left shoulder) and monotypic movements stressing the peripheral nervous system. Can chronic periarticular shoulder inflammation found in workers be considered an occupational disease?
  • Practical aspects of occupational risk assessment
    The employer is obliged to assess and document the occupational risk occurring in specific works and apply the necessary preventive measures to reduce this risk. This is the responsibility of every employer. In order to properly carry out occupational risk assessment for individual positions, first of all make sure you know all the basic concepts. Their knowledge and understanding are the basis of risk assessment in the company. Each OSH specialist should know them, because they directly - to a greater or lesser extent - concern his daily work. But that's just the beginning. You also need to adequately characterize the workplace as well as choose the method that you will use to make the assessment. This article will make your task easier.
  • Delivery truck driver - what to remember during the workplace training on occupational health and safety
    The driver's working conditions result from driving the vehicle in road traffic. The driver's work mostly takes place in a sitting position, which puts a strain on the musculoskeletal system. It requires attention to the situation on the road and quick reaction. It is also associated with the need to bend down and carry loads by hand. Work in this position is associated with a high risk of traffic accidents, bodily injuries while repairing the vehicle or moving heavy loads. That is why it is so important to properly carry out workplace health and safety training, which will enable the employee to learn not only about the factors of the working environment and occupational risks, but also how to protect against the risks that these factors may cause, and the methods of safe work performance. Check what you cannot forget by conducting on-the-job training of a delivery truck driver.
  • How to ensure safe work as a welder
    The welding room is a suitably adapted room or a separate part of the room where welding stations are located. Welding work is hazardous work and is associated with numerous risks. As it turns out, both welders and the people supervising their work do not always have sufficient knowledge about the risks of harmful chemical and physical factors occurring in welding processes and the necessary measures and methods of protection against such threats. However, it is worth remembering that in order for the welder's work to be safe, it is necessary to ensure not only the knowledge of these risks, but also that the work rooms meet the relevant requirements. You can read more about them in the article below.
  • Symptomatic course of COVID-19 - can an employee work remotely?
    Can an employee who tests positive for Covid-19 but passes it asymptomatically be allowed to work in the home office mode? What if the employee does not want to contact a doctor in order to obtain a sick leave?

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