BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2020/224

  • Subject of the issue: Violation of psychophysical fitness as a basis for refraining from work
  • Is COVID-19 an occupational disease?
    Pursuant to the decision of the Ministry of Health, the contagious disease COVID-19, i.e. the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was entered on the list of occupational diseases. The diagnosis of occupational disease for Covid-19 will be done in the same way as for other infectious diseases.
  • There is a new unified text of the regulation on health and safety at work for motorized lake trucks
    On May 12, 2020, a new uniform text of the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance on occupational health and safety when using motorized forklifts was published (Journal of Laws item 852).
  • Guidelines of the National Labor Inspectorate in the field of resuming operations of enterprises
    As the time to return to the normal functioning of workplaces is slowly approaching, it is worth preparing for this moment. First of all, it should be borne in mind that it is very important to take appropriate steps in the field of health and safety so as to ensure the safety of employees as much as possible.
  • A helmet or protective helmet instead of a mask - is it allowed?
    According to the regulations of May 2, 2020 regarding the establishment of specific restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the occurrence of the epidemic, a sufficient form of covering the mouth and nose is the use of, among others a helmet or protective helmet. The helmet can now be used by any employee who has contact with the customer, as well as any other employee whom the employer cannot provide a 1.5 m distance between employees. Helmets can also be used by citizens leaving their homes.
  • Cook's carpal tunnel syndrome - can it be considered an occupational disease?
    The professional etiology of the carpal tunnel syndrome, in the light of medical knowledge, can be suspected when the activities performed at the workplace are characterized by rapid, repeatedly repetitive over long periods of time, movements of maximum bending and straightening of the wrists or work requires activities performed in a position that creates a risk of pressure on the trunk median nerve in the carpal tunnel. In the assessment of the cook employed in the education unit, her developing carpal tunnel syndrome could have resulted from the nature of the work. Is this point of view correct?
  • Health and safety instructions should be directly available
    The employer should reassess occupational risk after the procedure after work accident and should cover all possible hazards associated with the operation of the device. It should also be borne in mind that when assessing occupational risk, all factors of the work environment occurring during the work performed as well as ways of work performance are taken into account. As is clear from the case-law, it is also important that employees have direct access to health and safety instructions, which means that they should be kept in the workplace or in the production room to which the employee can go at any time and without the use of third parties.
  • Check if you are conducting proper workplace safety training for a dermatologist
    Dermatologist, as a doctor dealing mainly with skin, nail and hair diseases, is exposed in his work to such threats as injuries resulting from contact with needles, sharp instruments, skin diseases, caused by frequent washing of hands in powerful disinfectant preparations, contact with harmful chemical substances that are part of medicines, cleaning products, disinfecting and sterilizing liquids, anesthetics, as well as contact with sick patients. A dermatologist often also specializes in aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and venereology. The effectiveness of OSH training in this position, and thus the preservation of all possible measures to ensure safety at work is determined by knowledge of the risks and how to avoid them. That is why it is so important to conduct this stage of training in the best way possible. About what you can not miss in training, see the article below.
  • How the microclimate in the workplace affects the employee's efficiency
    To ensure the efficiency of the work process and the employee, it is necessary to create conditions of the work environment that will not cause threats, exposures and nuisance. It is therefore important that the work and its conditions of performance are best suited to the individual person also in terms of thermal comfort. It should be remembered that the work process is the interaction of three basic groups of human factors, work tools and work objects. All these components in the work process operate in a specific material environment, which includes in particular temperature, humidity, air movement and atmospheric pressure, dust pollution, chemical and biological air pollution, acoustic and mechanical vibrations, and radiation. These factors affect the efficiency above all of employees. In the article below you will learn how the microclimate in the workplace affects the efficiency and productivity of work.
  • Scaffolding fitter - when you need permission
    Are employees employed in renovation or assembling works using Warsaw scaffolding that are not construction works required to have the rights of a metal scaffolding operator?
  • An epidemic and accident management
    The occurrence of an accident at work during an epidemic does not mean that you do not have to follow an accident. However, due to the numerous restrictions associated with the epidemic, it is worth knowing how to do this to maximize the safety of its participants. Here they are.

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