BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2020/220

  • Subject of issue - Accidents at work and employee behavior
    Man is a complicated being. He experiences specific emotional states, undergoes habitual activities, undertakes various behaviors that contribute to the creation of safe or dangerous working conditions. His individual properties, way of perceiving and assessing the risk of threat, receiving information about threats have an impact on what behavior he will choose when undertaking employee duties. It is worth remembering that when designing safe workplaces, it should be noted that there is one element in them that cannot be predicted and controlled to the end - a human being. This awareness will allow to pay more attention to the impact of man on accidents at work, which in turn may contribute to more effective and effective accident prevention.
  • How to qualify for a teleworker heart attack
    Question: A teleworker suffered a heart attack while working at home. Reanimated by the ambulance team, he was taken to hospital, where he died the next day without regaining consciousness. Is this an accident at work?
  • What preventive measures for protection against coronavirus can the OSH service apply
    The increasing number of coronavirus cases worldwide and the increasing number of victims are a threat to public health on all continents and in most countries, including Poland. It is also a challenge for OSH services, which should take specific actions related to education to prevent panic among employees as soon as possible. With each subsequent day, employees begin to worry more and more about health safety, also because of the increase in the number of colds and flu cases among employees (the flu and cold season is currently underway), but at the same time there is no knowledge on how to deal with the actual risk of coronavirus in a specific work environment.
  • Claims for compensation are only entitled to the injured party directly in the accident
    Compensation is not entitled to seriously injured family members of an employee who survived an accident at work, even if the damage of family members is related to an accident at work of that employee - this is the result of a Supreme Court ruling.
  • Do health and safety documents for foreign-language employees need to be translated
    The workplace employs people from outside Poland, mainly from Ukraine. Does the workplace have to translate all OSH documents for these employees (several people), including OSH instructions, risk assessment?
  • Basic rules for providing first aid
    Given the applicable regulations, everyone should have the ability to rescue people in a state of life and health threat. But it is not just the regulations that should lead us to this. We've probably all heard stories when giving first aid instructions over the phone saved the life of a person waiting for an ambulance. And what if there was a problem with connectivity? It is better to count on your own skills.
  • Occupational health and safety training for nurses
    A nurse is a qualified employee whose main task is to provide nursing, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services. She looks after patients, cares for their comfort, assists the doctor during surgery. He provides his services in hospitals, hospices, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, schools, sanatoriums and emergency medical services, clinics, private surgeries. It is a demanding job, associated with a high level of contact with people. The multitude of hazards at this workplace forces the nurse as an employee to be presented with these hazards and ways to avoid, minimize, and prevent them. What methods are these? Check in the training presented.
  • Dismissal of an OSH employee for failure to comply with his obligations
    During the control of the National Labor Inspectorate, irregularities were found. The PIP inspector imposed a significant amount on the employer. Accordingly, the employer intends to dismiss an employee of the OHS service employed under an employment contract. Can the employer blame an employee of the OHS service for allegedly discharging his official duties and demanding him to pay the imposed penalties, since the employer is responsible for OSH in the workplace?
  • Accident report after an accident of a temporary employee - who sends it to the labor inspector
    In the event of a fatal, serious or collective accident at work involving a temporary employee, an accident report should be given to the labor inspector. The problem is that the provisions do not indicate who is required to forward the report to the competent inspector. Should the user employer do it or maybe a temporary employment agency that is a formal employer for a temporary employee?

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