BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2020/219

  • Subject of the issue - Supplementary benefits
    Employees who have suffered a health injury as a result of an accident at work or an occupational disease may, in addition to the benefits specified in the accident act by way of legal proceedings, demand supplementary benefits and an appropriate amount of compensation for harm suffered as compensation.
  • Health and safety training in Poland at a low level
    According to the information of the National Labor Inspectorate and the Central Institute for Labor Protection, the quality of OSH training in Poland is at a low level. According to the Labor Protection Council, decisive steps should be taken to amend the provisions on health and safety training to improve the current situation.
  • Occupational safety training of the plastic surgeon
    A plastic surgeon is a medical doctor dealing with reconstructive surgery or aesthetic surgery. The multitude of hazards present at this workplace forces the surgeon as an employee to present these hazards and ways to avoid, minimize and prevent them. What methods are these? Check in the training presented.
  • Individual conditions for the safe and dangerous behavior of employees
    According to statistical data, the number of accidents at work increases year by year. According to reports of the Central Statistical Office in 2018, in the period from January to September, 66 402 accidents at work were recorded (data are obtained on the basis of statistical accident cards), which is 12% more accidents than in the previous year. The above increase is large, especially in the context of the number of figures it indicates (8206 increase in accidents).
  • OSH service
    The OHS service is an organizational unit separated within the structures of the workplace, which is primarily responsible for consulting and control in the field of occupational health and safety. However, when analyzing the content of the OHS service tasks specified in the regulation on OSH service, it can be concluded that an employee of the OSH service, after all, is the person responsible for contributing to the creation of safe and hygienic working conditions within the organization. The term "co-creation" hides, among others controlling working conditions and employees' compliance with health and safety at work rules and regulations.
  • How to qualify for a teleworker heart attack
    Question: A teleworker suffered a heart attack while working at home. Reanimated by the ambulance team, he was taken to hospital, where he died the next day without regaining consciousness. Is this an accident at work?
  • What must be included in the professional risk document provided to the employee?
    Question: What should the information sent to the employee about occupational risk include, e.g. threat, source of danger, health effects and preventive measures with the calculated level of risk? What part of the employee's complete occupational risk documentation should the employee receive?

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