BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2019/216


  • Subject of the issue: Do you provide your employees with the right temperature at work?
    Workplaces and their equipment should provide employees with safe and healthy working conditions. First of all, take care of the right temperature and protection against adverse heat conditions and sunlight. How to do it? What are the minimum temperatures in each type of work room and what are the technical requirements for heating?
  • How to prepare for the assessment of office work conditions
    Care for safe and hygienic working conditions in every enterprise should consist in particular in the collection and processing of reliable information on the occurring threats and the related occupational risk at all workplaces, including office workplaces. The conclusions resulting from the occupational risk assessment provide the basis for taking appropriate actions to reduce the likelihood of accidents at work.
  • How to defend yourself against this hatred in the workplace
    Much has been written and said about hate speech, especially recently. But does mobbing have signs of hate speech? How to defend yourself against hate speech in the workplace? How to react when aggressive speech or writing affects colleagues or ourselves? We try to answer these questions in this article. Pay attention to the problem of hate speech during OSH training.
  • Threats to the position of a passenger car driver
    Among the events that result in car drivers being injured or dying, the most are road incidents, in particular collisions with other vehicles or obstacles. But the scope of duties of a passenger car driver also includes tasks related to preparing the car for driving, performing control and maintenance activities, and removing minor defects. They are also accompanied by dangerous factors and threats to health and even life. An employee employed as a driver should undergo on-the-job instruction before being allowed to work. In the article we discuss issues that you should discuss during driver training.
  • The latest changes in the scope of authorization to operate forklifts
    The changes that were introduced to the regulation on health and safety at work using forklifts clarify the issue of authorization to operate a lift truck with a mechanical lifting drive and extend the validity of personal permits.
  • Changes in the harmful agents registry template
    The changes from November 5, 2019 will facilitate the creation and maintenance of new registers. These are not spectacular changes, and they will not affect existing records.
  • Register of factors harmful to health occurring in the workplace
  • The employee is at fault, he will answer the employer
    The employer is responsible for the state of safety at the workplace or in the area of business and it is a liability on a risk basis, which means that he does not release him from liability for damages that an employee suffered as a result of an accident at work, the fact that he the injured employee significantly contributed to this accident and the damage he suffered through his proceedings - the Supreme Court ruled.
  • Additional compensation in the event of a serious accident
    Compensation received from the Social Insurance Institution and a commercial insurer due to a serious accident at work does not exclude obtaining compensation for loss of health or supplementary compensation directly from the employer - the Supreme Court ruled in the judgment of 17 July 2019 in the case of an employee demanding additional compensation from the employer.
  • Is the employee's consent for the processing of his personal data necessary?
    Question: Does every employee have to sign a consent to the processing of personal data? If so, should it be stored in personal files or in another document file?
  • Safety harness is mandatory for the employee on the scaffolding
    Question: Do you always have to be equipped and fastened with safety harnesses when working on scaffoldings? how many places should the employee be secured?

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