BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2019/215


  • Subject of issue: Occupational risk assessment in practice
    The rules and principles regarding occupational risk assessment apply equally to all employers - regardless of the size and complexity of the organization or the business. However, in practice, in real conditions, there may be big differences between individual companies due to discrepancies in the nature of threats, as well as the lack of specialists able to identify and assess threats. The basic principles for conducting occupational risk assessment are in the Polish Standard PN-N-18002: 2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems - General guidelines for occupational risk assessment. This is not a standard for mandatory use, but it is an example of the right approach to assessing occupational risk. The article presents the most important aspects of risk assessment in practical terms.
  • Car tinsmith - on-the-job training
    A car body worker is exposed to many harmful, onerous and dangerous factors that have a direct impact on work safety. Due to its specificity, the work of a car body worker is subject to many safety-related requirements. During on-the-job training, it is worth putting a lot of emphasis on the applicable health and safety rules - this will help shape good habits that will pay off in future work. Properly implemented on-the-job training not only indicates hazards, but above all, how to avoid them, which improves the safety of work performed. In the article we present the issues to be discussed during the initial OSH training.
  • 10 new chemicals with NDS values in 2020
    Check today for details on changes to the regulation on the maximum allowable concentrations and intensities of factors harmful to health in the work environment. These changes are to come into force in January 2020.
  • From March 2020, new regulations on health and safety at power equipment
    There is already a new regulation on health and safety at power equipment. The regulations were adopted and published in the Journal of Laws from 2019 item 1830, but not yet in force. The ordinance will enter into force six months after its announcement, i.e. on March 26, 2020. At the same time, the existing ordinance of the Minister of Economy of March 28, 2013 on occupational health and safety at energy equipment will operate until then. item 492).
  • Lack of precise OSH instructions increases liability for damages
    The health and safety instructions should detail the employee's proper, safe conduct to protect him from an accident - according to the decision of the regional court regarding an accident at work during reloading work.
  • Check the risks the healthcare provider is exposed to
    Medical caregiver is an auxiliary profession in the scope of care and nursing activities in patients in the hospital or home environment. Due to the performance of his duties, he is exposed to many occupational hazards, including the risk of contact with harmful and dangerous factors, as well as psychophysical burdens related to the work performed.
  • Whether to inform the labor inspector that his order has not been met within the deadline
    The rule is that the controlled entity to which an order was issued obliging the employer to remove the deficiencies found is required to inform the relevant PIP body about its implementation within certain time limits. What happens if the order has not been complied with on time?
  • Which documents from the occupational risk assessment will the employer receive?
    Question: Which documents from the occupational risk assessment are intended for the employer?
  • Risk assessment of an employee performing additional tasks on a mandate contract
    Question: There is no cleaner in the company. Cleaning work is carried out by two employees of the company on a mandate contract. Should, therefore, an occupational risk assessment be carried out for the cleaner position, which in fact does not exist, or should additional risks be added to the positions occupied by ladies, such as washing windows, contact with caustic cleaning agents? What if other employees sign the contract?

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