BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2019/212

  • Review of legal changes
    • Soon a new model book of the operator of working machines
  • Subject of issue
    • Can the employer avoid financial losses through proper organization of office work
      Often, despite the proper arrangement of the position, the employees themselves make changes, which can worsen their or their colleagues' working conditions. Examples of this can be curtains or blinds on the windows that are constantly covered, switching off general lighting and using only workplace lighting, improper positioning of the office chair, moving monitors without maintaining the required distances and much more. Office work, although performed at a low energy cost and treated as light, in inappropriate conditions can become a source of many nuisances leading to deterioration of the health and general physical or mental condition of the employee. Unfortunately, most Polish employers do not provide their employees with appropriate working conditions, thus exposing them to serious illnesses, a decrease in motivation, and thus also financial losses for the company. And what about the situation when working at home? Do teleworkers perform their tasks taking into account the principles of ergonomics?
    • Soon a new model book of the operator of working machines
      To curb the falsification of the machine operator's book, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology has prepared a new template for this document. Only by name will it be a book-book because in fact this document will take the form of a plastic card whose new pattern will be strictly defined. Check what the new operator's book will look like.
  • Risk assessment
    • Do you know how to protect the welder from hazards at his workplace
      Every industry sector requires welding. The work of the welder is particularly responsible, and at the same time it is very dangerous. Welders are threatened by glare, burns, electric shocks, fires, explosions, poisoning, which cause injuries and diseases of the skin, eyes or lungs.
    • How to prepare for an appeal against the order of the National Labor Inspector in the field of occupational risk assessment?
  • Safety training
    • Periodic training of the building painter
  • Court case law
    • Is the reimbursement for vision-correcting glasses and a worker protection measure one-off

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