BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2019/210

  • The topic of the issue
    • The influence of the hot microclimate on the employee's physical and mental fitness
      Research shows that temperature has the greatest impact on the type and extent of changes in human performance. Significant reduction in the quality of performed motor tasks was observed in the environment with a temperature range of 30-35° C. For tasks requiring vigilance and attention the optimum temperature is 26.6oC, and for tasks requiring time, reflection and observation, the temperature is 29.4oC. our climate of creating thermal comfort throughout the year in many workplaces is very difficult and sometimes impossible. For this reason, the employer is obliged to introduce technical and organizational solutions to minimize the risks or nuisances related to work or only to people in places with unfavorable microclimate.
  • Judicial jurisprudence
    • The latest definition of the external cause of an accident at work with spontaneous disease
      It happens that an employee has a stroke or stroke during work. You must carry out an accident investigation and determine if this event will be an accident at work. In this case, the most difficult is to indicate the cause of the external accident. Therefore, learn about the latest position of the Supreme Court in determining the cause of an external accident at work, especially when a spontaneous disease occurs. Thanks to this, you will make the correct classification of the accident.
  • Answers to readers' questions
    • How to ensure safe loading and unloading of a semi-trailer?
    • Should an ambulance be called for every accident?
    • Is an accident at work a private matter for a teleworker?

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