BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2019/208

  • The topic of the issue
    • Safety of machines in the company - who is responsible?
      Machines and all equipment and tools must be safe during their entire lifetime. Responsibility for this lies with the employer, but the OSH service should join this task and indicate, suggest what should be corrected, what should be changed and what should be adapted to the changing legal requirements.
  • First aid
    • First aid for people with electric shock
      In the event of an electric shock, the chances of saving the victim depend on the efficiency of the assistance provider. A frequent effect of paralysis is the arresting of the circulatory system, which is why it is important to undertake rescue operations as soon as possible, while being especially careful.
  • Working conditions
    • OSH in the position of medical caregiver
      A medical supervisor is an auxiliary profession in the area of nursing and caring activities in patients in a hospital or home environment. Due to the performance of his duties, he is exposed to many occupational hazards, including the risk of contact with harmful and dangerous factors as well as psychophysical burden related to the work being performed.
    • Employee's rights at work requiring special efficiency
      Employees performing certain professions or jobs must have special abilities in receiving and reacting to light, acoustic signals, signs and commands, i.e. special psychophysical fitness. Very high ability to receive and perceive such stimuli as well as quick and accurate response to them are the basic conditions for ensuring security for both them and many outsiders.

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