BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2019/02-03


  • The theme of the number
    • Safe and hygienic work as a fitter of household appliances
      Working on the production line at the home appliances factory carries a lot of risks for people who do it. The fitter is exposed to many occupational hazards, the risk of contact with harmful and dangerous factors, as well as psychophysical burden related to the work being performed.
  • Working conditions
    • OSH in the position of a dentist
      It is not only expert knowledge that is needed to work with a dentist. It is also necessary to know the requirements of a safe organization of the workplace and the basic principles of occupational health and safety during its performance. The people who are employed in this profession are also expected to have an appropriate approach to patients - it is a field of medicine, which is most often associated with negativity. As a dentist, due to the performance of his duties, he is exposed to many occupational hazards, including the risk of contact with harmful and dangerous factors as well as psychophysical burdens related to the work being performed.
  • Answers to Readers' questions
    • Time limits for the second statistical part of the accident card
      The employee suffered an accident at work, broke his arm, was on sick leave, and then he was rehabilitated. Unfortunately, during the medical release related to the accident at work, he once again broke his arm. So when should I send the second part of the statistic accident card? When will 180 days pass because there is a continuity of sick leave, or when will the sick leave associated with an accident at work pass?
    • When an employee reports suspicion of occupational disease
      The employee reports an occupational disease to the employer, saying that he has a soft tissue disease. How should the employer behave? What are the next steps to take if you receive a document regarding occupational disease? Is he obliged to inform someone, to keep a record?

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