BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2019/02

  • Topic of the issue: OSH in the position of a municipal guard
    At work, the guards are exposed to many harmful, burdensome and dangerous factors that have a direct impact on their work safety. We point them out and remind you of ways to minimize them, as well as show you how to deal with difficult and stressful situations.
  • Working conditions
    • How to safely perform road works
      When preparing an employee for a particular job, one should discuss, among other things, the working conditions, including the elements of the work room in which the employee is to work, and work station elements that have an impact on occupational safety and health. This is very important, especially at the time when roadworks - next to construction - are one of the industries where the most accidents at work are registered. Workers are exposed to risks not only resulting directly from the work itself, but also from road traffic.
  • Fire protection
    • Assessment of fire protection status in company
      In order to be able to properly manage a company, an employer should have the necessary information about, among others, fire protection status at his workplace. This information must be obtained in the annual assessment of fire protection status.
  • Answers to readers' questions
    • Do job-related documents for foreign-language employees have to be translated
    • Until when there are valid certificates of completing the course for handling trucks
    • How to protect employees against measles
    • What kind of permissions should you have to handle so-called electric pallet

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