BHP w firmie (Work safety in the company) 2018/12


  • The topic of the issue
    • Do you know how to assess the professional risk of a printing worker
      In order to effectively protect a printing worker from hazards occurring at this station, first identify the most common hazards at his workplace.
  • Risk assessment
    • How often should the risk assessment be verified?
      A properly documented assessment of occupational risk at a given workplace is not only the fulfillment of regulatory requirements, but also one of the most important ways to raise the awareness of employees and managers of employees in the field of health and safety.
    • How to reduce the occupational risk at the cashier's position
      On the example of the cashier's workplace in the hypermarket, we present the almost simple and simple procedures of risk assessment. Thanks to their knowledge, this assessment should not pose any major problems. The text contains, among other things, a description - typical in practice - of the typical threats to the proposed corrective actions, limiting the occupational risk at the workplace.
    • Check how to properly prepare a risk assessment of a construction manager
      We present the occupational risk assessment at the workplace of the construction manager, site manager, construction engineer on the construction site (engineering and technical worker). The material was developed based on the Risc Score method.

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