Bezpieczny Magazyn (Secure Warehouse) 2019/04 (13)

  • Security of supply and storage (2)
  • IntraLog Poland 2020 Fair. What are AGV robots and what is their functionality? (4)
    Mobile trolleys, automatic trolleys, robots, self-propelled transport trolleys, traveling platforms, warehouse trolleys or mobile robots - all these names can be used interchangeably and are generally referred to as AGV robots. Such varied outsourcing proves that manufacturers are trying to assign their own name to be associated only with their product.
  • CS rack warning system protects against collision (8)
    Comfort and safety in the warehouse are two key elements of achieving the intended effects of quiet, effective and safe work. For some time, these issues have become an important factor in shaping long-term activities that aim to improve them and achieve a balance between them.
  • New series of non-marking shock absorber bands (11)
    Camso introduces a new series of non-marking shock absorber bands (gray) for forklifts that meet the requirements of indoor work applications and rental fleets.
  • 85 percent Workers in stress at work (13)
    According to the report 'Occupational Safety in Poland 2019' prepared for the Coalition of Safe at Work among office and physical and mental employees, 29 percent He feels stress at work from time to time, 42% Often, and 14 percent Virtually all the time. This has a negative impact not only on the atmosphere in the workplace, but also increases the risk of accidents.
  • Automation and digitization by force of Modernlog 2020 (16)
    Logistics 4.0 - this is the slogan of the upcoming, 4th edition of Modernlog. At the heart of the latest industry trends is digitization and process automation. This is the key to increasing the efficiency of the warehouse, distribution center or production hall. What solutions should you choose? What works best for a specific company? You will be able to find out about this on June 2-5, 2020 in Poznań.
  • IPAS - Warning system for pedestrians and wheelchairs (19)
    Warehouse is a place where the dynamics of operational activity is extremely high, more and more forklifts move in warehouses and on storage yards, collision of an employee with a forklift in a warehouse usually results in a serious accident. Warning systems that have recently been offered on the market prevent these dangerous situations.
  • High competitiveness of the Polish market (22)
    Interview with Marcin Trąbka - CEO of Kuhn Polska, authorized dealer of Mitsubishi, Ulma, Carer and SMV brands on the Polish market.
  • Pioneer of the intralogistics industry in Poland (26)
    Dematic, a leading supplier of integrated automation technologies, software and services for supply chain optimization, which is part of the KION Group, is taking its first steps on the Vistula. Together with its sister companies Linde MH and STILL, which have already gained recognition and trust on the Polish market, it offers a full range of products and software for intralogistics. The company has recently opened its new branch in Poland based in Poznań.
  • Awareness of work safety at Raben Group (28)
    Safety is one of the basic human needs. They are described as a state that gives a sense of confidence and guarantees its preservation and chance for improvement. At Raben Group, we subscribe to this definition, which is why we put people's safety first.
  • Warehouses of the future - fully automatic distribution centers and storage systems (31)
    Progressing automation and digitization processes using new technologies, including mutual data exchange, cloud computing, etc. is a visible trend in logistics.
  • Warehouses in Industry 4.0 (34)
    The future of warehouses is full automation, robots, artificial intelligence, modern IT technologies - experts emphasize. The goal is to adapt the company to market management conditions, eliminate waste and optimize costs as much as possible. Companies want comprehensive solutions, including support for processes such as loading, downloading or issuing.
  • Expected changes apply (37)
    On October 14, 2019, the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of October 8, 2019 amending the Regulation on occupational health and safety when using motorized forklifts was published. The expected changes calmed down the users of forklifts somewhat, who, in the light of the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of December 15, 2017, did not know whether their forklift service rights are valid.
  • National competition Safe Work in Warehouse (39)
    The Safe Work in Warehouse competition has been regularly announced since 2015 by the logistics portal in cooperation with the Office of Technical Inspection, the National Labor Inspectorate, the Lodz University of Technology and the Polish Warehouse Technology Association. A thorough analysis of the competition answers emerges from the Safe Work Leader in the Warehouse, who, together with the title, receives a statuette and an occasional diploma.
  • Internal combustion front loader GRENDA FD-FG 15-35 (42)
  • Lithium-ion batteries, cost and safety (44)
    Lithium-ion batteries have stormed the forklift industry and significantly expanded the portfolio of available power sources for handling equipment. Although batteries of this type have been available on the market for a long time, they gained their popularity in the "trolley" industry only recently - at a time when prices began to be affordable for customers' pockets and the benefits of their use measurable.
  • Technological energy savings (47)
    One of the leading logistics operators in Europe announced that by 2022 it will modernize 6,000 trolleys intralogistic fleet, completely switching to lithium-ion batteries. We checked what scale of savings can be expected thanks to such a move.
  • Eco and mobile (49)
    When a few years ago lithium-ion batteries entered the warehouse logistics market, from the very beginning they evoked extreme emotions and reception among potential users. Some bravely implemented and promoted this device power supply solution, others were skeptical about the development of technology, seeing considerable limitations in its use in logistics.
  • Rack damage analysis - Part 1 (52)
    This article begins a series of articles to illustrate the proper conduct during the analysis of nonconformities identified in the warehouse in order to implement the procedure for reducing the number of damage, described in document PN-EN 15635. This action rests mainly on the shoulders of PRSES, responsible for maintaining an adequate level of security of storage equipment.

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