• Binary ice - a breakthrough in the central air-conditioning systems of mines, based on the example of the LW "Bogdanka" mine installation Stefanów Field
    The implemented solution shows a new direction in the development of cooling systems for underground workings in order to solve the problems of the climate threat in the exploitation of deeply deposited coal seams.
  • Coal mining with the pillar system
    In the second half of the 18th century, in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, coal was selected with an inefficient and dangerous system of mining galleries. In order to increase the extraction, a pillar system was introduced here, which was used in all mines in Silesia at the beginning of the 19th century. Operation with the pillar system required cutting the deck with pillar walkways, led perpendicularly to the main walkway. The pillars were selected with ties along the deck's rise, to a height equal to the thickness of the deck (even up to 10 m), until 1951, when regulations limited it to 4 m was supported with a narrow strip of untreated coal 0.8-1.3 m wide or with densely arranged stands, the so-called authorities. Initially manual: cutting, mining, loading and transport of coal, it was gradually replaced by more efficient methods. In the nineteenth century dynamite and electric detonators, pneumatic drills and impact hammers as well as pole and chain cutters were introduced, and in the twentieth century - conveyors with shock chutes, belt and scraper conveyors. The problem was the ventilation of the pillar workings. The workings could be ventilated by diffusion over a length of 6-10 m, and in non-gaseous fields up to 30 m. For longer workings, lute fans or special fairings were used. In Silesia, pillar systems were used throughout the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth century, and in some mines even in the 1960s. In the mid-twentieth century, the pillar-clad system was replaced by the longwall system.
  • Modern drilling rig, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly
    The article presents selected issues related to the use of a modern drilling rig for geological works in terms of benefits and advantages resulting from its impact on the safety of operation and protection of the natural environment. This results in the reduction of potential accidents and the reduction of threats to the natural environment during drilling operations.
  • The colorful history, secrets and charm of "Great Spas in Europe"
  • The iron and uranium mines in Kowary are commemorated in various ways

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