Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2021/06

  • Positive and negative effects of water in lubricants
    In industrial activities related to lubrication, the presence of water can have positive or negative effects. An example of this is the presence of water in lubricants: industrial and technological oils, operating fluids, lubricants. Due to its physicochemical properties, it is a natural factor that limits the flammability of some lubricants, which is a positive effect. In the event of its presence as a result of operation or improper storage of lubricants, it plays a negative role and causes deterioration of their functional properties, contributing to metal corrosion, erosion and the development of microorganisms (bacteria, molds, fungi), and thus to the failure of devices and machines. The article presents the diversity of the impact of water in lubricants, paying attention to its specific nature and the effects that its presence may cause.
  • Mechanization of technology for liquidation of longwall workings at LW "Bogdanka"
    The work, based on the technology of carrying out the works at LW Bogdanka, shows the differences in the technology of carrying out the works during manual and mechanized (with the use of URW Panda) liquidation of workings behind the face of the wall with the simultaneous recovery of the lining. It also indicates the main advantages and disadvantages of the Panda URW and describes the design changes that have been made to it during its lifetime. In addition, it discusses the benefits of using the device, i.e. increasing the recovery of the casing and improving work safety.
  • Landslide threat in mining plants
    The article presents issues related to the risk of landslides occurring in opencast mines against the background of the geological characteristics of the Lower Silesian granite deposits. Moreover, the conditions for the exploitation of granite in Lower Silesia and the issues of supervision over the movement of granite quarries were discussed. A landslide that occurred in the Granite Mine "Borów 17" was also described.
  • A ghost town on burning coal
  • Polish mining electric lamps
  • It was the most dangerous mine in Europe. Meet the former mine "Nowa Ruda"

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