Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2018/07

  • Conditions and scale of occurrence of catastrophic natural hazards in Polish hard coal mining
    Polish hard coal mining is characterized by the occurrence of all, typical for underground mining, so-called disastrous natural hazards. Their disclosure in mining excavations is one of the causes of dangerous events, as a result of which accidents at work frequently occur. The article describes the significant conditions of mining in GZW mines, which affect the intensification of catastrophic natural hazards. The presented scale of the occurrence of individual threats together with the analysis of dangerous events and fatal accidents caused by them in the years 2000-2017 confirms their significant impact on the state of occupational safety in the Polish hard coal mining.
  • Experiences from the maintenance of longwall excavations in the rock bursting hazard on the example of a hard coal mine
    In the article, on the example of two walls in the deck 510 of the selected mine, the experience of maintaining longwall walkways in front of the wall in the rock bursting conditions was discussed. In both cases, the execution of pavements and slipways that bordered the wall areas encountered difficulties, which necessitated the need to partially redesign the heading of the excavations. The method of selection of the housing and its reinforcements as well as the applied rock bursting prophylaxis proved to be appropriate and enabled the planned selection of these walls.
  • Landslide phenomena in the process of exploiting minerals from the water table on the example of the "Zastaw IV-2" mining plant
    The article presents the origin of landslide incident in the open-cast mining plant "Pledge IV-2", exploiting aggregates from under the water table. Methods for the prevention of landslides in open-cast mining plants operating under the water surface with floating devices were discussed.
  • Blues is good for everything
  • Dom pod Biegunem - a year at the Polish Polar Station Hornsund
  • Oscar and magic: mining in fantasy worlds

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