Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2018/05

  • Social awareness research on geological storage of CO2 in Poland
    Emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide, creates new technologies that aim to reduce the impact of burning fossil fuels on the atmosphere. Despite the technological advancement of technology, one of the key requirements for its implementation may be social acceptance. This paper presents the results of Polish society research on reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere by its geological storage (CCS). The results of the conducted research have shown mostly the acceptance of this method, although the problem of its lack of knowledge and the related lack of resolve still remains to a large extent. The analysis of the research results also showed the need to update the curricula in the field of environmental protection.
  • Deepening and deepening shafts in Polish mining in 2000-2017
    The article presents a quantitative summary of investments in deepening and deepening shafts in Poland in the years 2000-2017, compared to previous years, and discusses innovative technical solutions that were used in their implementation.
  • The concept of the method of assessing the robustness of the utilities network on the impact of mining operations
    Assessment of the resistance of the utilities network (water supply, sewage, gas and heating) to the impact of mining operations is important due to the protection of the surface in mining areas. The resistance of pipelines to the weapon network depends mainly on such factors as: technical condition, applied protection against ground deformations and their current compensating abilities, as well as the possibility of a quick repair of the damage. Practical experience shows that in the case of older distribution pipelines, accurate assessment of factors affecting the resilience of the pipelines is difficult to implement due to technical reasons, and the performance of field tests is unjustified for economic reasons. The article presents an outline of a simplified method for assessing the static resistance of armament network pipelines to mining exploitation.
  • In this profession, sitting behind a desk is not a threat
  • Mining films have almost a 100-year history. The first of them was created in 1920