Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2018/04

  • Modern quarries and former excavations of Godul sandstones in Cieszyn Silesia
    The article presents the history and current state of existing and former quarries of Godulskie sandstones in Brenna, Ustron and Wisła against the background of geological characteristics of the Godulski layers (Silesian unit, chalk). In outline, he also outlines the directions of using sandstones and the possibilities of modern development of former quarries.
  • Mining disasters - causes and their repetition
    The article compares the findings of commissions appointed by the president of WUG in 2002-2014 after accidents and disasters occurred in underground mining plants extracting hard coal. The events which committees dealt with were described and characterized, whose task was to explain in detail their causes and formulate conclusions aimed at preventing similar in the future. The area of issues dealt with by the committees concerned the threats of: methane, fire and the explosion of coal dust. The article shows the repeatability of the causes of disasters occurring in the analyzed period.
  • Modeling of accident forecast in mining on the example of a selected hard coal mine (discussion article)
    The article contains an index analysis of the number of accidents, determining the medium-term rate of change, predicting the number of accidents in a randomly selected year and according to different models by 2020, for data from a selected hard coal mine from 2007-2016. In the work, the rates of frequency and severity of accidents were estimated and the average rate of change of the analyzed variables was determined. The forecast of the number of accidents in a random year was developed using the Poisson probability distribution density. Twenty different prognostic models were used to predict the number of accidents, with the forecast based on the creeping trend method using harmonic scales characterized by the smallest errors of expired forecasts.
  • Fascinating life under cumulus
  • Floating mines