Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2018/02

  • Silhouette and tasks of the mining surveyor in mining plants and plants
    The article describes the profile of the mining surveyor against the background of the requirements set out in the provisions of the Geological and Mining Law Act and executive regulations issued on its basis. Explains the rules for determining the qualification of a mining surveyor, indicating qualifications in the field of preparation and professional experience. It presents in a synthetic way the tasks of the mining surveyor in various types of mining plants and plants.
  • Mining damages in the Bierawka and Sztokówka catchments and possible ways to reduce them
    In the area of Upper Silesia, among others in the area of the Bierawka and Sztokówka rivers, there are many places influenced by mining activities, including settlements. Currently, the reclamation of land depressions (small settlements) is primarily based on their dewatering or backfilling with gangue. Another proposed method of repairing this type of damage can be the recreational and natural management of the basins of subsidence, related to their use for flood control purposes.
  • Methane deposits of coal in Poland
    The article compares the methodology for estimating methane resources in the U.S. studies EPA and PIG, and an attempt was made to approximate the more real size of these resources in Poland's coal basins.
  • Mines in times of aristocracy. Silesia was a multicultural melting pot in which large fortunes of entrepreneurs with imagination were created.
  • No one in the world has such a set of mugs. Interview with Stanisław Dzierżęba, superintendent of the District Mining Office in Rybnik
  • How mining customs change - beer inns on the UNESCO list