Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2017/02

  • Influence of the fault on changes in the subsidence profile in the light of geodetic measurements
    The article presents an example of the impact of the fault zone on the process of surface deformation caused by underground mining exploitation. In the analyzed example, the presence of a fault within the active impact of the operational front resulted in the asymmetry of the subsidence profile and the increase in the range of influence, which was documented by the relevant measurement results. The problems in identifying the parameters of the inflow forecasting theory were also indicated.
  • Analysis of thermal protection of electric motors used in mining plants
    The article presents an analysis of the problem related to proper protection of electric motors against thermal damage. Also shown are important parameters affecting the proper protection of engines.
  • The course of dewatering of the "Kaczyce I" deposit using the "CSM" mine infrastructure in the Czech Republic
    The article presents the geological and mining conditions of methane exploitation from the "Kaczyce I" deposit located within the exploitation area of the closed "Morcinek" coal mine and the impact of dumping and draining the mine's goose on methane mining.
  • Raising structures as a method of preventing their flooding in low-pressure basins
    The article discusses the issue of counteracting the effects of mining exploitation associated with depressions of built-up areas, in particular those threatened by flooding. The example of the area of the Pszczynki River valley presents an offer to undertake long-term actions to repair areas transformed by multiple underground mining operations, with the possibility of raising buildings above the original level of the area. The method of multistage building lifting was discussed in order to protect them from flooding and to enable leveling of the area.
  • On a mining note